LifeCubby Security Page

Our Stance on Security

LifeCubby knows that security is important to you; and it is to us too. We have kids of our own and we have built this system with them in mind. Therefore, we have made every effort to ensure that the information you post is stored securely and protected from malicious users.


All of our servers are housed in professionally managed data centers that require all employees to use both keycards and biometric data to gain access. The facility includes 3 layers of network connectivity backups and employees secure offsite nightly backups on all data. Computers access is limited to authorized employees and no outside visitors are allowed within the facility.


Our servers are protected by a professionally managed Cisco firewall that undergoes a Quarterly vulnerability security assessment by a 3rd party vendor, Trustwave. Firewalls meet the leading industry standards including ICSA Firewall, IPsec certification, and Common Criteria EAL4 evaluation status. All servers use special access restrictions to keep your data separate from any other company within the hosting facility.


All patching and OS upgrades are handled by certified professionals and are installed when full testing of the patches is completed. Anti-Virus software is installed and updated per supplier specifications. All remote access of servers is provided via secure connections such as SFTP and SSH and web based control panel is secured via HTTPS control panels. VPN access is granted with 2-factor authentication only.

Your Privacy is Important To Us

At LifeCubby, we take your privacy very seriously! We have designed LifeCubby with the utmost attention to protecting the privacy of parents and children. The following are indicators of this:
  • No search engine to find other users- Parent accounts and Cubby Pal relationships are by invitation only.
  • No face recognition- We will not put facial recognition in LifeCubby.
  • We will never sell or share your email address- We will only use your email address to notify you of LifeCubby updates or other administrative purposes.
Rest assured, all your data, photos and videos are safe, secure, and most importantly PRIVATE, in LifeCubby.