Over 100 Million entries and counting!

What's your Learning Story?

A child's portfolio from early childhood is just the beginning in a life-long journey of documenting learning stories!

LifeCubby celebrates early learning, and connects life chapters for parents by giving them a FREE account that they can keep and use forever!

"We love the idea that our kids will have their LifeCubby accounts to look back on when they're grown!"

The Portfolio has Grown up!

Still using 3-ring binders and printing color photos? Our research shows that a center with 100 students spends an average of $3,600 per year on all the processes that LifeCubby replaces!

LifeCubby saves Time and Money!

"Searching through LifeCubby on Learning Domains is a snap! It's such a great tool for reviewing what we've done in math, science, literacy, etc…"

LifeCubby is Secure, Easy, Research-based, and has FREE mobile apps!


Proudly serving on 4 continents!

LifeCubby has the MOST Comprehensive Daily Sheets!

Meals, Naps, Diapers, Bottles, Medications, Photos, Lesson Plan, Notes, Reports and more!

LifeCubby is Award-Winning and Approved!

LifeCubby has received licenses, contracts, approvals and awards from the following organizations: The National Parenting Center Seal of Approval, Parent-Tested, Parent-Approved, Mom's Choice Awards, Family Friendly Site, IT Community Choice Award, the State of California Department of Education, the National AfterSchool Association, and the National Association for the Education of Young Children.

LifeCubby helped my center comply with our State QRIS!

"We were looking for a parent-engagement and communications platform for our center, and our state licensing agent recommended LifeCubby. It's aligned with our state's Quality Rating System."

LifeCubby is On-Trend!

More and more parents are intentional to choose a child care provider that uses LifeCubby. Only LifeCubby gives parents their own account for documenting their child’s growth and development. Parents can add their own memories, photos, videos, etc. Best of all, they get to keep their account for FREE forever.

LifeCubby has Live Messaging

Best Practices for Staff and Parents!

  • LifeCubby is Fast - Updates are immediate when you use LifeCubby. Parents don't have to wait until the end of the day for their daily sheet- using mobile web and apps, parents and teachers stay connected during the day.

  • LifeCubby is Easy-to-Use - As a Parent Engagement tool, LifeCubby is a recognized leader in the early childhood community. LifeCubby's user-friendly platform offers staff and parents a clean, fast, interactive interface.

  • LifeCubby is Customizable - Whether you are a Director, a Teacher, or a Parent, you can customize LifeCubby to fit your needs. Start your free trial today to find out how!

  • LifeCubby is Safe & Secure - Your data and images are all secure in LifeCubby. We utilize state-of-the-art encryption, load-balancing, mirroring, back-ups, compression and firewalls. LifeCubby maintains PCI-DSS compliance, and all communications are SSL-encrypted.

  • LifeCubby is Becoming the standard - Get started today!

LifeCubby Includes:

  •   Billing & Payments Processing

  •   Parent Communication

  •   Portfolios & Assessments

  •   Photos & Videos

  •   Digital Check-in & Check-out

  •   Reports & CACFP

  •   Meal Tracking

  •   Daily Sheets & Calendars

  •   Lesson Plans

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31-60 Students $69.95 $11.95 $81.90
61-100 Students $114.95 $15.95 $130.90
101-125 Students $144.95 $20.95 $165.90
126-150 Students $174.95 $26.95 $201.90
151-200 Students $229.95 $32.95 $262.90
201-250 Students $284.95 $39.95 $324.90
251+ Students Custom Pricing
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 Add Credit Card processing for $25 per month – same price for any school size! Transaction rate = $0.20 + 0.25%

 Add ACH processing for $25 per month – same price for any school size! Transaction rate = $0.35

 BEST VALUE – add BOTH Credit Card and ACH for just $45 per month! Plus a 1-time set-up fee of $50.00

 Add SMS-Text Blasting to your account for $9.95 per month for up to 5 texts to all your parents!

What you need to Get Started

You need a wireless internet connection

A computer for the office

A mobile device for each classroom

We offer Data Import from Childcare Management Systems!

Do you use Procare,Daycare Works, EZ-Care,Oncare,SchoolLeader, or ChildcareManager? Great!

We can populate your Lifecubby account by creating your student profiles using a roster exported from your childcare management system.